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Services provided at the Gun Show:

Buy - Sell - Trade:
    130 8-ft tables with Guns, Knives, Swords, Ammo, Parts, Scopes & Accessories for the collector, hunter or shooter!

Free appraisals:

​     We have collectors and experts from throughout the Eastern USA, who would be pleased to provide you with an informal assessment of the valuation of your item. Often, they are willing to purchase the item at the show or make an offer that you can respond to at your convenience. You are welcome to bring your unloaded firearms to the show. For your personal protection, Police enforce no dealing in entryway or parking area. NO LOADED FIREARMS ARE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING EXCEPT FOR UNIFORMED POLICE.

Concealed Carry Class:
​     Offered onsite, both Saturday and Sunday 10am & 1pm ($50 cash). Register at least 15 minutes before class. All materials furnished, and you do not need to bring a firearm.

    Available on site.

FREE Parking

Food services available throughout the day